7:30 am - Tuesday May 31, 2016

Krishnam Raju finds a producer



Krishnam Raju is not going let any time wasted in getting his dream of directing ” Okka Adugu” with Prabhas . He shared with media today that he has also found a producer for the movie , the script is also finalized and also would not mind him directing the movie if he does not find a director who share similar sensibilities with him . He also shared that Okka Adugu is all about ┬áthe “one step” that one puts forward for fighting against corruption .

He also said that the movie would go to floors this year . Prabhas is currently busy shooting for his Magnum Opus Movie ” Bahubali ” in the direction of S S Rajamouli. It is heard that Prabhas is playing two roles in the movie – one as Bahubali and other as Shivudu. Anushka and Tamannah would be pairing up with Prabhas for the movie.


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